Our management is comprised of highly motivated investors with a strong commitment to the Houston real estate market. A combination of strong real estate business experience, financing analysis, detailed project management, and subcontractor selections is what makes SRI the best.

San Remo Investments
Pedro Caruso

Pedro comes from a strong linage in the construction industry; from water dams and contention walls, to community, multifamily, and single-family homes. Pedro is a Management Specialist at one of the top firms in the industry. He focuses on the advising of energy-industry senior executives in solving their toughest challenges. Pedro holds an Engineering Degree from the Simon Bolivar University, a MsSc in Finance from IESA, and an MBA from Columbia University.

San Remo Investments
Gabriel Ermoli

Gabriel has over a decade of extensive operating and start-up experience in the construction field. As the President of San Remo Investments, Gabriel shares his expertise and knowledge with his project leaders and manages a successful company. Gabriel holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Simon Bolivar University, and a Master's in Economics and Corporate Management at IFP, France.

San Remo Investments
Alfonso Ermoli

Alfonso is part of a family with nearly 100 years in the construction business. He has direct experience in construction, banking, and management consulting. He leverages this experience in his role as San Remo Investments CFO. His main focuses are on the financial stability required to operate and expand the company. Alfonso holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from the Andres Bello Catholic University, and a MsSc in Finance from the University of Torino, Italy.