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Funding Advisory Service

LCC is an engineering consulting group with specialized functions across the subsurface value chain focused on servicing E&P companies of all sizes. We leverage our technical know how to assist our clients in their project funding needs.

  • World class and experienced professionals behind the relationships LCC offers

  • Houston based team that will efficiently evaluate funding alternatives
  • We will strive to generate a clear proposal that will maximize funding success

  • Fund raising
  • We are actively searching for projects which meet the requirements our investment partners are looking for. Our interest covers a variety of regions around the globe and numerous industry sectors.
  • Project leadership. Our proven, experienced leaders are ready to address or fill gaps in your management team to keep your project on track and provide exceptional results and professional materials for investor evaluation.
  • Investment opportunities. We offer, exclusively to investment institutions, unique opportunities and profitable projects in the oil and gas, LNG, mid-stream, and solar industries and are currently exploring new options regarding renewable energy.

Our consultants have worked with: